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Advanced Summer Workshop


One week @$350 | Two Weeks @$550


9:30am - 2pm

About the Course

The advanced summer workshop is designed for aspiring dancers ages 13-25, and offers a unified but diverse approach to training, strengthening and artistic enrichment. The advanced summer workshop harnesses top instructors from both local and national companies, schools and disciplines to spearhead a curriculum committed to the perception that a strong, uncompromising bedrock of exceptional technique supports a dancer's desires to diversify their pursuits outdie of the baof Alonzo King. All classes are taught by previous LINES company members and exceptional guest artists.

Our aim is to supply a solid technical underpinning, based in classical training, and to provide an environment for the unfolding of the students’ own creative power. They are encouraged to problem solve through exploration and a tenacious work ethic. We emphasize the cultivation of self-discovery and intuitive self-expression.


Your Instructor


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