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All students are required to have their hair pulled off their face in to a clean ballet bun or other non-distracting  hairstyle. No whispies or bangs that interfere dancing will be tolerated.

As kids get older, we recommend lycra blends and other non-cotton material that whisks away sweat, and allows for breathability. 

Out of respect for all dancers, instructors, parents and the public, proper hygiene is required. All students must exercise tact and common sense in their hygiene habits. 

  • No jewelry

  • No skirts

  • No ruffle leotards

  • Tank or spaghetti strap leotard style only

  • No adjustable strap leotards

  • No glitter, sequins, designs or creative interpretation of the dress code 

  • CANVAS ballet shoes with pre-sewn elastics - NO DRAWSTRING OR LEATHER

  • Masks are optional

  • No underwear in ballet for any age

WHITE pointe shoes .png
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